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Curvorama is a revolutionary new type of banner display system that has the capability to free-stand or to be hung flush onto most common exhibition shell scheme walls.

Join banners together quickly and easily with no magnets

Until now, linking banner stands have incorporated magnetic tape on the rear of the panel and equivalent magnetic channel bars to pull the seams between panels together. Graphic panels for the Curvorama stand are produced differently with an exacting amount of bleed so that each panel overlaps and tiles together neatly and without the requirement for complicated or fiddly magnetic components.

Eye-catching graphics for maximum visual impact

Using up to date, digital printing equipment, your graphics are printed in-house to the highest standards. The panels are trimmed very accurately using a computer controlled Zund G3 cutting machine so you can be assured of a neat and accurate finish and perfect panel alignment on your artwork designs.

Portable yet durable

Thanks to the use of lightweight plastic and composite components, Curvorama display stands are lightweight and easy to transport. There are no heavy, wheeled plastic cases or aluminum cassettes to haul around as is the case with traditional pop up and banner stands. This makes Curvorama the ideal portable display solution for those who are exhibiting overseas or transporting exhibition materials by car.

Interested in Curvorama?

Printdesigns are the leading stockist of Curvorama display banner stands in the UK. Should you have any questions about the Curvorama banner stand or would like to talk through your requirements in detail, please call and one of our team will be happy to help.

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There are 6 products available.

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  • Curvorama Graphics

    Curvorama Graphics

    Curvorama graphic panel Available 600mm or 800mm wide x 2200mm tall Choice of straight or curve-able shape Printed onto non curling polyester film

  • Curvorama Aero Kit

    Curvorama Aero Kit

    Equivalent size to a pop up stand Flexible, curvorama shape Lightweight, durable components Supplied with rigid wheeled case Printed from your artwork Expandable for larger displays 

  • Curvorama Legs and Feet

    Curvorama Legs and Feet

    Contains two legs and two feet Can be packed inside tube with graphic Lightweight, quality components Allows Curvorama graphic to be free-standing

  • Curvorama Wall Mounting Clips

    Curvorama Wall Mounting Clips

    Allows Curvorama graphics to be hung onto Shell Scheme walls Product works with most major shell scheme systems Tensioning system allows panel to be pulled flat Maximises use of available shell scheme floor space Compatible with Curvorama graphic panels

  • Curvorama Lighting Kit

    Curvorama Lighting Kit

    Lighting kit designed for free-standing Curvorama banners Kit includes 2 x 150W halogen floodlights Lights supplied in aluminium case Lights can be re-packed into Curvorama wheeled case

  • Curvorama Holdall Carry Bag

    Curvorama Holdall Carry Bag

    Space saving holdall-style bag Can be worn on the back like a rucksack Holds up to 4  x 600mm wide Curvorama graphics Lightweight and compact Can be checked as hand luggage on most airlines (check with operator)