Large Linx Exhibition Stands (32sqM +)

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Large Linx Exhibition Stands (32sqM +)

It is possible to create an exhibition stand of almost any size using the Linx system. This range of stands illustrates some stand layouts that are in excess of 32sq Metres floor area.

Most stands at this size feature areas set aside for meeting with clients including private rooms in many cases. With a very large exhibition stand a second floor (or raised deck) can be incorporated to further increase the overall internal area of the exhibition stand.

As with all of the designs featured on our website for Linx stands, the prices and images are designed to give inspiration as to what is possible using relatively standard components.

It is normally the case that the design is adjusted to suit the exacting requirements of the customer and we can provide a detailed drawing and quotation on request. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

There are no products in this category.