Cardboard Engineering

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Cardboard Engineering
Coming soon to Printdesigns... Engineered cardboard display stands!

Printdesigns have the ability to create a huge variety of great looking displays that are formed by printing directly onto cardboard before cutting, creasing and folding it.

Printdesigns have teamed up with Swedish manufacturer Re-Board who provide a unique, patented paper based board featuring an exclusive fluted core design. Using Re-Board, we can create an almost limitless range of lightweight, yet incredibly strong displays ranging from printed furniture through to innovative one of a kind standees.

Being manufactured from Re-Board, our engineered cardboard displays can be recycled in normal waste paper streams and therefore provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional exhibit displays such as banner stands and pop up displays.

Coming soon to this area on our website is a range of 'off the shelf' Re-Board designs that can usually be bespoke printed to order and manufactured in a week. Our creative team here also have the capability to produce completely original works of 'cardboard art' based on your exacting requirements so if you have something in mind why not call or email to discuss your requirements in more detail?

We expect that the range of Re-Board engineered cardboard displays will go 'live' during July of this year so please check back for details.


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