ISOframe Wave Display Stands

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ISOframe Wave Display Stands
The Isoframe Wave display system uses a unique, patented keyless clamping system to join the aluminium frame sections together. Fiddly allen or hex keys are not required and so assembly time is kept to an absolute minimum

ISOframe wave display stands can be purchased individually or bought in a variety of 'off the shelf' kits. When linked together, Isoframe Wave stands can be configured into a huge array of interesting shapes to fill almost any exhibition stand area, large or small.

ISOframe wave displays are built up in manageable, 800mm wide sections. Each section consists of a pair of substantial aluminium posts, braced apart by a flexible linkage at floor level. The unique flexible linkage employed in the ISOframe display allows each section can be curved through an angle up to 180 degrees so the limitations in terms of the shapes can can be formed are practically endless.

For the self-build exhibitor, ISOframe offers a world of possibilities where traditional pop up stands and banner stands fall-short and can be accessorised to include elements such as integrated display counters, LCD screens and shelves.

Despite the substantial appearance of the ISOframe Wave, the stand is still very portable and breaks down into a compact package, portable enough to be transported by car. The printed graphic panels for the ISOframe Wave are portable too. We print them at photographic quality onto a heavyweight, rollable material which is then overlaminated with a scratch resistant finish for durability. The ISOframe wave stand uses a patented iLine hanging system that allows the printed panels to fix side-by-side to the framework to give the impression of a seamless graphic mural wall.

We highly recommend the ISOframe wave system and would suggest that it is ideally placed in the marketplace to fulfil the needs of serious exhibitors who require a high-impact display with flexibility that makes it adaptable and expandable. Many customers who have invested in this display find that the shape and size can literally be decided whilst setting-up at the exhibition venue or event, something that is impossible with a traditional bespoke built exhibition stand.

We are happy to offer demonstrations of this display from our offices, why not contact us to arrange a visit? We also offer a free exhibition stand planning service. Simply send us your floor dimensions and we'll provide an obligation-free quote and drawing.


There are 3 products available.

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  • Isoframe Wave Kit 1

    Isoframe Wave Kit 1

    Features 17 Isoframe Wave Panels Max Flat Width 13.6M Features 3 Integrated Counters Shape can be adjusted

  • Isoframe Wave Kit 3

    Isoframe Wave Kit 3

    Attractive eliptical tower display Made from 2 Isoframe wave graphic panels Can be opened out to make 1.6M wide wall

  • Isoframe Wave Kit 2

    Isoframe Wave Kit 2

    Features 11 Isoframe Wave Panels Max Flat Width 8.8M Ideal for filling a 3M x 3M Exhibition Stand Shape can be adjusted or used in smaller sections