Totem Banner Display Stands

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Totem Banner Display Stands
Totem Displays are the ideal alternative to traditional roller or tensioned banner stands. Totem Displays are becoming increasingly popular for use in busy retail environments as they have graphics on both sides thus allowing the display can be approached by multiple directions.

Unlike some folding cardboard display stands from suppliers such as Marins who produce the popular Lama display, our Totem banner stands feature interchangeable graphics. Graphics are printed onto paper but can also be printed onto almost any flexible material and slid-inside of the stand.

Having interchangeable graphic panels, the unit is ideal for mass retail distribution whereby stands can be positioned in outlets and cost-effective replacement prints can be forwarded as an when required.


There are 2 products available.

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  • 1600mm Tall Totem Display Stand

    1600mm Tall Totem Display Stand

    Floor standing totem display stand Comes with double sided graphics Ideal for use at exhibitions, events and for retail displays Paper prints can be interchanged quickly and cost effectively Ideal alternative to a conventional roller banner stand

  • Totem Banner Stand - Replacement Prints

    Totem Banner Stand - Replacement Prints

    Replacement prints for 1600mm tall totem banner stands Two prints supplied per set You can supply same or different image for each side Printed onto 185gsm satin paper