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Graphics for Shell Schemes

Shell Schemes are by far the most common type of booth that exhibitors book at exhibitions and events. In the simplest form a Shell Scheme is a structure made from upright aluminium posts that are braced apart with aluminium cross beams at the top and bottom.

Exhibition stand contractors use Shell Schemes in order to divide up space within event halls, thus providing each exhibitor with their own booth.

The problem with most Shell Schemes is they were never designed to accommodate edge to edge, mural style wall graphics and this is what most exhibitors want in order to gain the maximum impact on their stand. The issue is down to the fact that the upright posts of Shell Schemes stand proud of the flat infill wall panels that sit inside them. In other words, you don't have a nice flat wall to fasten your panels to!

Since most stand contractors do not allow materials to be stuck directly to the metalwork of the stand, there is a dilemma with regards to how to work around this.

Printdesigns have three solutions for creating continuous walls of graphics on most metal shell schemes. The options are explained briefly here but you can learn more by clicking the categories below. If you have booked a Shell Scheme and want some prices/options for graphics to suit then why not give us a call or better still, email the details of your stand to and we can provide you some prices by return.

Shell Clad

Shell Clad uses adapter clips that snap-onto the vertical post of the Shell Scheme. Adapters are supplied in 800mm lengths and normally three such adapters clip-on to each post. Rollable graphics panels can be produced onto a choice of materials and are made to exactly the correct dimensions so that they span from one post of the shell scheme to the next. Graphic panels stick to the adapters using velcro.

The benefit is that the adapters are completely hidden behind the panels. The drawback is that panels have to be made to fit the specific type and size of shell scheme you have (so there is no guarantee that the panels you buy for one shell scheme will be compatible with shell schemes you may book in the future)


Curvorama panels are rollable and available in 800mm or 600mm widths. The panels are fitted with a straight rail or a bendy rail (that can fit into the corner of a shell scheme). Clips snap-on to the top and bottom of each panel that allow them to hook over the cross beam at the top of the shell scheme and tension on the bottom cross beam. Panels are actually printed so they overlap one another slightly when pushed together.

The benefits are that Curvorama panels are cross compatible with just about all major shell schemes. The drawback is that the adapter clips are visible at the top and bottom of each panel. Also as panels are also sized in only 600 or 800mm width, it is a case of finding the 'best' fit in terms of combinations of sizes for your stand. In other words your wall of printed graphics might have to finish slightly short of the end of your stand.

Shell Suit

This is our latest offering and presently is available only for Octanorm Shell Schemes. Unlike the solutions above, Shell Suit uses a one piece dye sublimation fabric print to cover the walls of the stand. There are no seams because the panel is made in one piece. The Shell Suit print can be folded and then rolled making it incredibly light and easy to transport.

The system works by using a series of rails that are clamped to the fabric panel top and bottom to coincide with the beams on the shell scheme. Adapter clips snap-on to these pre-fitted rails and allow them to hook onto the top and bottom beam of the Shell Scheme. These top and bottom adapters tension the print top and bottom to pull it tight. Special silicone beading is pushed into the left, right and corner (if stand has a corner) in order to tension the panel on the width.

The benefits are that the panel is one piece with no joins. It is also far lighter than other systems. The rails fitted to the panel can also be removed and re-used thus making it cost effective. At present, our silicone profile has only been tested with Octanorm. We will be testing with other major Shell Schemes in the near future.


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