Shell Suit

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Shell Suit

Shell Suit is our latest solution for dressing walls of Octanorm shell schemes and provides advantages and a truly seamless graphic look that is available with no other system.

The Shell Suit system comes from the makers of Curvorama and is derived from the Curvorama clips that are normally used to hang traditional, rollable display panels.

Rather than a series of separate panels, the print is produced one single piece using a dye sublimation print process onto fabric. The resultant print is vibrant and can even be washed if it becomes dirty.

Once printed to the specific size for the stand, the fabric panel is fitted with a series of rails that are positioned to coincide with the panels of the shell scheme. As the rails are clamped into position they are sturdy yet can be removed and re-used should you wish to update your artwork in the future.

Standard Curvorama shell scheme clips snap-on to the rails and then allow the panel to be tensioned from top to bottom on the shell scheme.

Of course, it is the case that as well as tensioning the panel from top to bottom, tension from left to right is required for a perfect finish. The solution is a simple silicone bead that simply push fits into the frame.

You can watch an assembly video here:-

There are no products in this category.