Physique Freestyle

There are 5 products available.

Physique Freestyle
Physique Freestyle exhibition furniture is available in a range of colours. The Freestyle range uses a strengthened 'tambour' wrap that is braced apart by a top and a bottom. The fabric is velcro 'friendly' which means that you can fasten your own printed material to the it using hook type velcro.


There are 5 products available.

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  • Physique Freestyle Comet

    Physique Freestyle Comet

    The Physique Comet portable exhibtion counter is available in a choice of colours and with three table top finishes. The Phyique Comet also features a built in A4 literature holder.

  • Physique Freestyle Cosmopolitan

    Physique Freestyle Cosmopolitan

    The Physique Cosmopolitan exhibition counter features a neat suspended wire hanging kit so you can display your own rigid panel on the front of the unit.

  • Physique Freestyle Cresent Red With Closed Back

    Physique Freestyle Crescent

    The Physique Crescent is a great looking, ergonomically designed counter unit. The Physique Freestyle Crescent is available in a range of colours and can be open or closed at the back.

  • Physique Freestyle Cresent

    Physique Freestyle Curved Workstation

    The Flat-packed Physique Freestyle Curved Workstation is ideal for use as a greeting counter or workstation and can be supplied in a variety of different fabric wrap colours and table top finishes.

  • Physique Freestyle Multi-Height Nest Plinth

    Physique Freestyle Multi-Height Nest Plinth

    Three choices of diameter Flat packed for easy transportation Table tops available in a choice of four colours Wide choice of colours for fabric wraps Beech or Aluminium tambour wraps available for an additional cost - please call to enquire