Bamboo Banner Stands

There are 3 products available.

Bamboo Banner Stands
Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It takes just 3-4 years to grow large enough to be harvested and turned into useful materials. With climate change, environmental degradation and natural forest reduction becoming a reality, bamboo us becoming the natural replacement for materials such as Aluminum, Glass Fibre, Plastic, Steels and Wood. Our new ‘green’ bamboo banner stands have been developed through 20 Months of study to create a product that is not only environmentally friendly but also attractive, durable and hard wearing. It may surprise you to know that these benefits don’t come with a high price tag. In fact prices are lower than some conventional aluminium systems . Bamboo banner stands have a unique, natural look and can be supplied complete with printed graphics onto a choice of materials including lightweight textile that accentuates the unique appearance of these products.


There are 3 products available.

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  • Bamboo Roller Banner Stand

    Bamboo Roller Banner Stand

    Our bamboo roller banner is the most popular of our three bamboo banner stands. The attractive base of this stand has a unique, natural look that is both eyecatching and functional.

  • Bamboo X Banner Stand

    Bamboo X Banner Stand

    The bamboo X Banner is a superb, environmentall friendly display at a very affordable price. The Bamboo X Banner makes going 'green' affordable and is a great alternative to traditional, aluminium banner stands.

  • Bamboo Poster Shelf Banner Stand

    Bamboo Poster Shelf Banner Stand

    The bamboo poster shelf is a very versatile bamboo banner stand which is ideally suited to retail type displays. The substantial bamboo base make this banner stand very stable when assembled.