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Shell Clad

Shell Schemes are used at most major conference and event centres as a way of dividing hall space into individual 'booths'. Shell schemes are usually formed by a series of upright aluminium posts, braced apart with cross-beams.

There are a number of ways that an exhibition Shell Scheme can be decorated when exhibiting. Solutions include using free-standing display stands, banners or attaching posters or panels to the walls of the stand with velcro.

The problem with exhibition Shell Scheme systems is that the aluminium uprights stand proud of the wall panels. This causes problems for those who want to create a large seamless back wall display rather than having a series of posters separated by the aluminium Shell Scheme Uprights.

Shell Clad provides the perfect for solution for those who want to achieve maximum impact by decorating a Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand with edge to edge, mural style wall graphics by providing a simple, yet ingenious way of attaching graphic panels to the shell scheme posts without the use for sticky tape or other messy fixings.

Shell Clad adapters clips simply snap-on to the upright pillars of the Shell Scheme and provide a velcro-compatible surface onto which graphics can be attached.

Panels for the Shell Clad system are normally produced in vertical strips using a durable, laminated rollable material. This means that in most cases your exhibition graphics can be rolled and transported in a single box or storage drum.

In addition stand standard roll-panels, Printdesigns can use materials like Foamex PVC or even dye sublimation printed fabric to create great looking exhibition wall graphics for your stand that are compatible with Shell Clad adapters.

Printdesigns have been producing professional Shell Clad stands for years. On receipt of an order, we will work with you to identify the type of shell scheme you have and will normally provide both an artwork template and a plan of your stand so designing graphics for your stand (and fitting them later) is easy.

If you have booked a shell scheme at an event and would like to discuss the use of Shell Clad as a solution for decorating your booth, please get in touch and one of our team can help.

Click here for examples of some Shell Clad graphics that we have produced for previous customers


There are 6 products available.

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