Linking Banner Stands

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Linking Banner Stands
Conventional banner stands are primarily designed to be used as stand-alone displays and as such they cannot normally be arranged side-by-side to create larger display walls without the printed graphics having gaps in-between.

Fortunately Printdesigns offer a range of specific linking banner stand solutions that allow for multiple stands to be coupled together in order to create much larger mural style display backdrops that can be adapted in shape to fit almost any stand area.

The original and probably most well known of these linking banner stand is the Twist Banner Stand. Although several years old, this time tested design allows for great flexibility of design and the addition of accessories such as tables, leaflet holders and monitor screens.

The Stealth linking banner stand was introduced a couple of years ago and offers a more cost-effective solution although with a more limited range of available accessories.

Our newest addition to the range of linking banner stands on offer is from Swedish manufacturer 'Expand' in the form of the Linkwall display system. The Linkwall performs the many features of the linkable Twist system with enhancements that make this linkable banner stand incredibly compact and easy to transport.

Finally, we have our Isoframe Wave display stand that is the ideal solution for those customers who have really large exhibition spaces to fill or who are looking for a heavily customisable solution with the addition of things like internal shelves, slatwall hangers, tables and display screens.

Whatever your requirement, Printdesigns can help by chatting through the available options in order to find which system is best for you. As always, we offer a price guarantee and will beat any like for like quotation on either the Twist, Stealth, Linkwall or Isoframe Wave products.


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There are 3 products available.

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  • Aero Banner Stand

    Aero Banner Stand

    The Aero Banner Stand is an innovative roller banner stand with a difference... With the Aero Banner Stand, the roller mechanisms are at the top rather than at the bottom and the prints pull-down to the floor!

  • Adjustable Screen Banner Stand Display

    Adjustable Screen Banner Stand Display

    Adjustable from 600mm to 1500mm wide 2000mm graphic height Ideal for dividing exhibition stand space up Will accept graphics front & back for double sided display More substantial than a typical roller banner Available with single or double sided printing

  • Expand BannerStand

    Expand BannerStand

    The Expand BannerStand is a smart non-retractable banner stand, with the following features: Lightweight stand with a slim and discreet design meaning the stand itself is almost invisible from the front Several stands can be linked together to create a seamless backdrop Available in a variety of heights and...