Serpentine Pop Up Display Stand Backdrop


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By connecting two curved pop up displays together with one frame curving outwards and one frame curving inwards, we can create an attractive serpentine or wave shaped wall.


Case Conversion Kit:
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£1,317.60 (tax inclusive)

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Serptentine or Wave pop up display stand walls are a popular choice for creating larger exhibition stand backdrops. The contoured shape of a serpentine pop up display wall gives a softer more flowing appearance than a standard flat backwall display.

This configuration has been created by using two 3x3 Express fully magnetic curved pop up displays with one frame rotated at 180 degrees to the adjacent one. The two pop up display frames and connected by means of a central hinge panel, sometimes referred to as a 'ghost' panel.

The overall length of this configuration can be adjusted slightly by varying the angle of the flexible hinge panel that connects the two pop up frames but as a guide the overall width is approximately 5700mm.

For those customers with a requirement for a shorter or larger display wall, it is possible for us to create walls of any length by using smaller or larger pop up display frameworks or by adding additional frameworks to the wall. Please contact us with your specific requirements and one of our team can calculate the best way of filling your space and the cost.

The serpentine pop up display wall arrangement shown here can be illuminated using two pairs of halogen floodlights for greater impact. It is also possible to add optional parts such as internal or external pop up shelving or an integrated monitor screen.


Stand Dimensions - approx

Height: 2225mm

Width: 5250mm

Depth: 1000mm



50KG approx (includes 2 x 3x3 frameworks, graphics and cases)


Lead Time

5 working days from receipt of print ready artwork.


Artwork Setup Info

Resolution - We suggest no less than 150dpi at full size. If you set artwork at a reduced scale, please increase resolution accordingly to allow for enlargement (for example at half size, double the resolution).

Colour Mode: Supply artwork in CMYK mode only

Bleeds: Please supply artwork as one spread, not individual pages. Please ensure you add 5mm of bleed around the whole document and include crop marks.

Important Info: The D-end panels on the pop up display are curved. They start at the front of the display and wrap-around to the back, thus forming half a cylindrical shape. Care should be taken not to position viewable information too far to the outside edges of these panels otherwise it will fall to the rear of the display. As a rule of thumb, the half-way point across the end panel represents the outside edge of the display. A useful artwork setup guide that explains clearly is available to download with our artwork templates.

Files types supported: Please save files as JPG, Tiff or PDF. We also accept most industry standard design software although any files supplied in such formats should be collected for output with all text converted to outlines before saving.

We also offer an in-house graphic design service and can create artwork based upon your requirements, please contact us for an accurate quotation.


  • Serpentine Pop Up Display
    Artwork template in Adobe Illustrator format for the Serpentine pop up display stand configuration.


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