[caption id="attachment_1907" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="Lifesize Cardboard Cut Outs"]Lifesize Cardboard Cut Outs[/caption]
Printdesigns regularly produce custom-made lifesize cardboard cut-outs for a range of purposes including exhibition and event display stands, props for best man speeches and birthday parties.
We are used to creating many wonderful cut-outs from all types of pictures including childhood photos, stag do photos, old wedding photos etc.
When walking through our warehouse yesterday I saw these two cut-out images which were waiting to be packed up. I had to get a picture because I don't think I have seen more contrasting cardboard cut outs ever so I thought I would share it!
The cost for a typical cardboard cut out is around £60 plus vat and for that cost we can produce any image up to around 6' tall and around 3' wide. If you want a caption, speech bubble etc added to your cut out then there is normally no charge for this service. Simply send us the information and we can send back a quick proof for you to check over.
All our cardboard cut outs are printed in house and contour cut using a Zund flatbed cutting machine. The machine can cut around almost any shaped image with perfect accuracy and a neat edge.
For most indoor cut outs we use a lightweight foam centred board which is around 5mm thick and very stiff. The print has a fold-out leg attached to the rear which can be folded out to make the print free-standing.
If your cut out is going to be used long term in a high traffic environment like a supermarket or reception area then we can provide very heavy duty cut outs onto materials like 18mm thick MDF. The cut outs can be supplied with special metal Wedge bases which will keep the cut out perfectly vertical and stable.