Shell Clad

Snap-on adapters that allow mural style graphics to attach to most common used aluminium shell schemes

  • Adapters available to suit most common shell schemes
  • Choice of graphic materials available (rollable, rigid or fabric)
  • Attach TV screens etc to face of graphic (with rigid graphics only)
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Shell-Clad is a well-established method of adding continuous, mural type graphics to the wall of almost any type of aluminium shell scheme.

A continuous 'run' of graphics covering the walls of the shell scheme provides a higher-impact when compared to a series of individual panels that would be separated by the upright posts of the stand.

How does Shell-Clad work...

Shell-Clad adapters are simple snap-on plastic clips that attach directly to the upright aluminium posts of your shell scheme.

The face of each Shell-Clad adapter is covered in velcro so graphic panels can fasten directly to them. Each graphic panel is printed to a specific size depending on the shell scheme so that they span from the centre of one upright post to the centre of the next upright post. Special adapters are used to secure panels into the corners of stands where two walls converge.

Graphic panels for use with Shell-Clad adapter clips can be printed onto a range of materials as follows:

  • Heavyweight polyester film with crystal lamination - 450 microns thickness. Panels are printed in sections and can be rolled.
  • 5mm Foamex Panels - 5mm thick PVC sheet material. A very smooth graphic finish as with Magi-Clad but panels must be transported flat (transit sized van required). Foamex panels can support objects like small TV screens, shelves etc by screwing/fastening directly to them
  • Fabric 'Fabri-Clad' Graphics - Fabri-Clad graphics are printed in one continuous piece rather than as a series of individual panels. There are no seams or joins between panels and graphics can be folded for transport.
  • Magi-Clad Graphic Panels - Panels are backed onto a 4mm thick rollable corrugated plastic. Extra rigidity provides the smoothest graphic finish. Magi-Clad panels have the benefits of a rigid panel but in a format that can be rolled for convenient transport/storage. Please note there is a £60 charge per panel for this material.

For advice and further information regarding the different graphic material options for use with Shell-Clad adapter clips, please call/email and we will be happy to help.

Is Shell-Clad compatible with all kinds of shell scheme

It is possible to purchase Shell-Clad adapters and graphic panels for most aluminium shell schemes throughout the world but Shell-Clad is not a one size, fits all solution.

There are two main types of Shell Clad adapter available which are colour coded. When ordering Shell-Clad we will work with you to establish the correct type of adapters needed for your particular shell scheme and we will ensure that graphic panels are produced to the correct dimensions to fit.

Although many shell schemes use a common graphic size, it is not necessarily the case that one set of graphics produced for one shell scheme system will be cross-compatible with a shell scheme from a different supplier.

If you expect to exhibit at multiple events throughout the year and can furnish us with information about the shell schemes you have booked then we can establish if your Shell-Clad adapters and panels will be a re-useable, cost-effective option for you.

Installation of Shell-Clad graphics

Shell Clad adapters and graphic panels are relatively easy to install. The clips snap-on to the vertical posts of the shell scheme and the panels normally hang in vertical sections that butt-up with one-another. Although many customers take delivery of their Shell Clad adapters and graphics and fit them to the shell scheme themselves, we also offer a service whereby we can attend your exhibition and event and set-up for you.

If you would like us to quote for attending your exhibition and setting-up your Shell Clad graphic panels, please just contact us with the dates and location of your event and we will be happy to confirm the cost.

For general information on Shell-Clad compatibility and installation, please refer to the downloads section of our website or call/email and one of our team can assist.

More Information
Fire-resistanceFire certificates available for materials
PrintingNo Solvents (VOC's) used in printing process
Type of DisplayShell Scheme Graphic Solution
Print methodUV Printing
Aqueous Ink Jet
Dye sublimation
Continuous Mural GraphicsYes (panels cover stand walls with no gaps)
CompatibilityCompatible with some aluminium shell schemes

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