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As a specialist supplier of portable pop up display stands, we are familiar with most types of pop up stands that are on the market. Given the make and model of stand that you have, we can normally supply high quality replacement graphic panels.


Frame Shape:
To Fit Existing Frame:
£70.00 tax excluded
£84.00 (tax inclusive)

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Printdesigns can produce replacement pop up stand graphics for almost any type of pop up display stand on the market. With over 10 years experience in the portable exhibition stands arena, we have seen almost every type of pop up display that exists and we can provide invaluable assistance in providing the correct specifications for setting-up artwork correctly for your particular type of pop up stand.


Click the download tab on this page for a sheet showing the standard pop up fixings we supply


If you have an existing pop up display and simply wish to re-skin (replace) the stand with new pop up display graphics then there are 3 things that we will need:-

  1. The manufacturer name and model of your pop up display stand framework. This will allow us to verify the exact dimensions for your new graphic panels and source new hanging kits if required. Hanging kits are the plastic fixings that are normally attached to the top and bottom of the graphic panels at the rear.
  2. The correct polarity of magnetic tape to be used on the new replacement graphics.
  3. The inset to be used for the pop up stand graphics. This is the distance at which the magnetic tape is positioned from the edge of the graphic panel at the rear.


Getting this information right is crucially important if you want your new pop up panels to have the best possible fit on your existing frame.


We charge £70 plus vat per replacement pop up panel. This price includes the cost of the fixings for the new graphics that are attached to the top and bottom of the graphics at the rear and the magnetic tape that runs down the rear panel edges. Some pop up stand manufacturers may charge more than others for the cost of the fixings which may increase the overall cost of the replacement panels accordingly. We will let you know should there be any additional cost before producing your order.


If you do not know what type of pop up stand you have then don’t worry. Simply send us a photograph of your pop up stand framework including a detail shot of the graphic fixing (at the rear of the panel) and an overall shot of the frame itself. From this information, we can normally determine the frame that you have, provide all the information to help set up the artwork and of course source any parts you might need.


If you know the make/model of pop up stand you have, please select the existing frame from the drop down list or specify in the notes section when placing your order.


Please note, you should order the correct number of panels for your particular pop up display, for example add 5 items to the cart if your stand had 5 panels.


If you have any quesions, please do not hesitate to call and we will be happy to help!


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