Printed Display Card Boards

2mm thick grey centred cardboard for general indoor display use
  • Digital UV printing process with 1080dpi resolution
  • UV stable and waterproof ink
  • Choose from standard or custom sizes
  • Single or double sided printing
  • 4mm, 6mm or 10mm board thickness
  • Option for rounded corners or bespoke contour cutting
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Display board is a card material that is suitable for many indoor display applications including retail advertising panels, point of sale display boards and general advertising. With a thickness of 2mm, display board is rigid enough to free stand at smaller sizes using a support base or strut. At larger sizes, display boards can be fastened directly to walls or mounted into frames etc. 


Display Board Printing   UV Display Board Printing

We print display boards using a UV digital printing process. This involves outputting liquid ink onto the material that is immediately cured with UV light via LED lights. After curing, the ink is highly durable and resistant to fading and scratching. From an environmental perspective, UV digital is preferable to many other forms of printing as no solvents (VOC's) are used. 

Display Board Printing

What is Correx Printing   What Is Display Board?

Display board is a strong, rigid card material with a thickness of 2mm. It is made from paper pulp that is compressed before being clay-coated on both sides with a pure white, matt finish.

Display board has a good opacity and can be scored and folded to produce products such as free standing show cards, point of sale display products etc.

At 2mm thickness, display board prints are rigid enough to free stand at smaller sizes (around A3 size or less). Such panels can be supported with a strut or inserted into a holder or base (for use as menu's for example).

At larger sizes, display boards can be used at events and exhibitions as low cost display panels or they can be framed behind glass for use as more permanent displays in offices and showrooms etc.

Display Board Printing
2mm Display Board Prints

Correx Board Printing 4mm 6mm 10mm   Display Board Thicknesses

Display Board is a general term used to describe almost any type of card material that is classified as rigid. Of course, the degree of flexibility in a printed display board is dependent on the overall size of the sheet.

Our standard display board is 2mm thick and it white faced on both sides. The 'core' of the display board has a grey colour.

If you are looking for thinner or thicker display board, we have several options. These include thinner card material that is less rigid or thicker types of printable display card that use either a corrugated, honeycomb or polystyrene core.

Thicker types of display board are a good option if you require panels at a larger size that need to be rigid enough to free stand. Should you need any help or advice pleae just get in touch and we can recommend a product suitable for your requirements.


High quality display board printing   Quality Display Board Printing

We can print display boards from any original artwork file whether it be a simple design or something more complex that contains photographic content.

Our UV digital printing process offers 1080dpi photo realistic quality with no restrictions as to the amount of colour that can be used in the artwork design.

There are no minimum order quantities or origination charges and we can print display boards at sizes up to 1200mm x 2400mm in one piece.


Display Board Printing A4 A3 A2 A1 A0
Correx Board Printing - Contour Cutting

Contour cut correx boards   Display Board Special Cutting

Printed display boards are produced by printing onto large sheets that are cut down to size afterwards. This enables us to print display boards at standard sizes such as A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and also at any custom size too.

Printed display boards can be cut with a square corner or with a radius corner. Radius corners are great if you are planning on transporting your display boards to an event or exhibition for example because the rounded corners are less likely to become bent or damaged during transit and handling.

Using our digital cutter, we can cut panels to almost any shape on request. We can also cut out apertures, holes etc in panels should you need us to. There is only a small additional one off cost for setting up of contour cutting and you can provide your artwork with a vector based path to provide us with the cutting instruction. 

We can also offer scoring and creasing of display boards on request.


Optional Lamination - Display Boards   Optional Laminated Finishes For Display Boards

Although the UV ink that we print with is very durable and resistant to fading as standard, we can offer a choice of optional laminated finished to the board that can enhance, protect and provide more functionality for your printed display boards.

We offer gloss or matt lamination as well as a textured crystal finish that is highly resistant to scratches and accidental marking. We can also provide a specific gloss 'dry-wipe' laminated finish that is compatible for use with marker board pens. Using a compatible marker board (dry-wipe) pen with this type of lamination mens that you can write on to the panel and wipe it clean again afterwards.

Display Board Prints - Laminating Display Board Prints - Gloss Display Board Prints - Matt Display Board Prints - Scratch Resistant
  Gloss Matt Scratch Resistant

Delivery of printed panels

We can deliver panels up to around 1M x 1.5M in size via regular overnight courier services. Larger panels or awkward sized panels may be too large or fragile to deliver in this way. If you require larger panels, please contact us prior to placing your order and we can verify that we can deliver within our standard charges. If it is not possible, we can provide a quotation based on a dedicated vehicle to the delivery address. You may also collect your order in person or via your own courier.

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