Illuminated Pop Up Display End Panels


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If you want your pop up display stand to really grab some extra attention then illuminating the graphics is a great way to do it. Illuminated pop up stand end caps are printed onto a backlit display material and suppied complete with lights.


To Fit Existing Frame:
£95.00 tax excluded
£114.00 (tax inclusive)

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This price is the additional cost for an illuminated end panel in place of a regular printed end panel. If you are purchasing a complete pop up stand from us or some regular replacement panels then this item will upgrade one of those panels to an illuminated panel which will be provided complete with lighting kit.

Our illuminated pop up stand graphics are printed onto a heavyweight backlit display film which is overlaminated with a scratch resistant finish to match the finish of a regular non-illuminated pop up stand panel.

We use a semi-transparent, cloudy backlit material which means that the graphics can be viewed illuminated or non-illuminated depending on your ability to access a convenient power-socket.

The prints are illuminated by a series of three Powerspot 1200 fluorescent strip lights which clip-on to the framework of the display. Each tube has a 2 Metre power cord and a UK 3-pin mains plug.

The cabling for the light is run internally, all the way to the bottom of the stand where the lead can be neatly trailed underneath the panel at the rear of the stand. We recommend that customers purchase a 3-way extension socket for each illuminated end-cap so all lights can be fed from a single plug socket.

Illuminated pop up stand end panels are compatible with our Quick Fix or Express pop up display stands. Please select which framework you have from the drop-down menu on this product page.

Please note that the cost displayed on this page is the cost for one single illunimated pop up panel and three lights when purchased in conjunction with one of our printed pop up stands or pop up replacement panels. If you require two illuminated pop up stand end panels then you should add two items to the shopping cart.

If you choose to have your stand supplied with illuminated end panels then the panels will be supplied in-place of regular non illuminated panels.


Artwork Size

673mm wide x 2225mm tall

Resolution: Should be no less than 150dpi at full size

Colour Mode: CMYK colour only


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