Bubble Board Printing

A recyclable polypropylene board that is hardwearing and durable
  • Made from polypropylene which is widely recyclable
  • Flat printable surface with crystal matt texture
  • Internal cell structure is strong and resistant to folding or creasing
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Available in 3.4mm or 5.7mm thickness
  • Can be printed up to 1500 X 3050mm in one piece


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Triaprint Bubble Board is a super tough polypropylene sheet material made from 3 layers of extruded material. Unlike conventional corrugated correx material, the internal structure is made from small bubble shaped cells that gives Triaprint bubble board exceptionally high rigidity whilst remaining lightweight. Bubble board is a great PVC free alternative for indoor and outdoor display graphics.

Bubble Board Printing

Bubble Board PVC Free Printing

Bubble board provides a cost effective and eco friendly alternative when compared to printing onto conventional plastic display board products such as foam board (foamex).

Unlike other polypropylene materials, bubble board has a relatively smooth face that is free from visible corrugation making it suitable as a medium for many types of printed display graphics including exhibition and point of sale display panels.

Bubble board printing is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is waterproof and resistant to fading in UV light. It is also highly resistant to impact without shattering.



How Does Bubble Board Differ From Correx Board

You may be familiar with Correx board that is used for many types of short term signage including 'for sale' and 'to let' signs. Both Bubble Board and Correx board are made from the same base material (polypropylene) but the structure of the material is very different.

The internal structure of Correx is made from a series of internal channels, sometimes referred to as 'flutes'. These channels run the complete length of the sheet in one direction. The problem with Correx is that although is is strong in one direction, it is prone to folding or bending along the direction of the internal flute.

Bubble Board printing offers a great deal more strength when compared to Correx because the internal structure of the board is made from a honeycomb of indivdual cells. This means that the board is strong and resistant to bending and folding equally in both direction.

Why not take a look at our video below.


The Internal Structure of Correx Board shown clearly when backlighting the material with strong light

The Internal Structure of Bubble Board shown clearly when backlighting the material with strong light

correx boards printing pattern Internal Structure of Bubble Board

Our Bubble Board Print Material

Our Triaprint bubble board print material is made by Industrial Plastics Belgium who specialise in the manufacture of high quality plastic sheets. Triaprint board is treated using a Corona process making it suitable for direct to board UV digital printing.

Triaprint printed display boards are incredibly lightweight, strong and also have a high degree of compression strength making them ideal for exhibition and display graphics that need to be as durable and portable as possible.

Bubble Board Printing Key Features

  • 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Good rupture and tear resistance
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Smooth on both sides (no obvious corrugation)
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Extremely rigid

Bubble Board Printing Sizes And Material Thicknesses

We can provide bubble board printing with a choice of 3.4mm or 5.7mm material thicknesses.

3.4mm thick Triaprint bubble board is suitable for most display graphics at any size for indoor use or for temporary outdoor signage for outdoor use.

Our 5.7mm thick material is stronger and is recommended for larger display signs that could be unsupported. For example, signs that are to be mounted on posts or stakes.

Both 3.4mm and 5.7mm bubble board can be printed up to a maximum sheet size of 1500mm x 3050mm. Panels measuring up to around 100mm x 1500mm can normally be delivered with a conventional courier. For delivery costs on larger panels, please contact one of our team.

bubble board printing thicknesses
Bubble Board Printing Contour Cutting

Contour Cutting Of Printed Bubble Board

Bubble board is a great material for the production of free standing contour cut displays.

We offer digital contour cutting to almost any size and shape on request so you can add interest to your sign and display projects.

If you have any questions about bubble board printing, why not reach out to a member of our team who will be happy to help.



Delivery Of Printed Panels

We can deliver panels up to around 1M x 1.5M in size via regular overnight courier services. Larger panels or awkward sized panels may be too large or fragile to deliver in this way. If you require larger panels, please contact us prior to placing your order and we can verify that we can deliver within our standard charges. If it is not possible, we can provide a quotation based on a dedicated vehicle to the delivery address. You may also collect your order in person or via your own courier.


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Any questions? Please just contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to provide obligation-free advice and support

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