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In-house fabric graphics production

Our EFI Fabri-Vu digital printer allows us to produce stunning graphics onto a range of fabric materials and at speeds of up to several hundred square Metres per hour. We have also installed automated digital cutting equipment so we can trim our graphics quickly and accurately every time. 

Fabric graphics can be finished by sewing silicone edging onto the perimeter for use with tensioned fabric frames (TFS frames) or we can finish with velcro, pole pockets etc depending on the application.

Our ability to handle all aspects of fabric graphics production ourselves enables us to manage deadlines, control the quality of the products we produce and to offer pricing on our range of fabric display stands than many 'outsourcers' cannot.



The advantages of fabric display stands

The popularity of display stands that utilise fabric graphics has grown significantly in recent Years thanks to the number of advantages they can offer.


Fabric display stands by nature tend to be lighter and more convenient for transportation than equivalent systems that use heavyweight rollable graphics or graphics that are printed onto rigid board materials.

Our fabric pop up displays for instance tend to be around 1/3rd of the weight and volume of an equivalent magnetic pop up display stand


Fabric graphics can normally be rolled or folded for transportation without causing permanent damage to the print. This is in contrast to conventional roll panels or panels printed onto rigid mediums that are highly susceptible to accidental damage.

Fabric graphics can often be washed / laundered should they become dirty or marked during use or whilst being handled. Please get in touch and check with us whether your particular fabric display stand graphics are suitable for washing.

Sustainability and recyclability

Fabric display stand graphics are printed using water based 'dye-sublimation' ink. There are no environmentally damaging VOC's (volatile organic compounds) in our ink.

Many of our polyester fabrics can also be recycled in the normal textile stream so they are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plasticised display graphics.

Seamless graphics

Display stands that utilise rollable or rigid display graphics are normally made from multiple panels so that the graphics can be transported conveniently. The downside is there are visible joins/seams on the finished display.

Since graphics for fabric display stands can be folded for transport and storage it is often possible to produce very large display walls using one-piece graphics that are truly seamless in appearance.


Our entire range of graphics materials for fabric display stands are fire rated and certified suitable for use in all public spaces.