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ISOFrame Wave video introduction

Why not take a look and read-on for more information.


Where can ISOFrame Wave be used

ISOFrame Wave is extremely versatile and can be used in many locations. It is most commonly found at exhibitions and events but is also equally at home in retail locations such as shopping centres, showrooms or other spaces where a professional display system is required.

How does ISOFrame Wave work

ISOFrame Wave is a modular system made from individual 'building blocks' You can buy as few or as many sections of frame as you need to fill any available space.

The main components used are simple. The structure is made from vertical aluminium posts that are connected together with flexible linkages. These linkages are knows as 'Flexi-Wave Links' connect the bottom sections of the posts together and maintain a constant distance of 800mm between each post.

ISOFrame Wave Flexi Wave Link

Because the links that connect the ISOFrame Wave posts together are flexible, you can change the shape of the display wall depending on your needs. This is useful when setting up at an event because you can make adjustments to your display on the day and without the need to pre-plan.

A keyless clamp unique to ISOFrame is used to securely lock the vertical post sections together and the same type of clamp is also used for attaching stabilising feet to each post or for attaching a range of available accessories to the ISOFrame Wave system

ISOFrame Wave Keyless Clamp

The design of the ISOFrame Wave system means that you don't need any tools to construct it. Most stand configurations can be built by one person in the minimum amount of time and all of the frame sections break-down into manageable sections that can pack into small bags or wheeled cases. This means that depending on the overall size of your display, you can usually transport it to and from events in a car or small van.

ISOFrame Wave graphics are printed onto a heavyweight, rollable material. We use a polyester stoplight film that is laminated with a protective, scratch resistant film. Our graphics are durable and non-reflective making them ideal for use on larger display walls. Replacement graphic panels can be purchased at an affordable cost so you can update the content of your stand at any time without the need to purchase new frames.

ISOFrame Wave Rollable Graphic Panel

Graphic panels attach onto the ISOFrame Wave display frame magnetically. Strong magnetic connectors secure the panels to the top of the posts whilst magnetic tape on the vertical edges of the panels hold the graphics flush from top to bottom. Graphics panels butt-up neatly side by side and can be used to create large mural display walls of almost any size.


A great return on investment

ISOFrame Wave is more expensive than a comparable pop up stand that is fixed in size and shape but it provides a great return on investment over time. 

ISOFrame Wave can be used to create everything from small display walls through to very large event displays. A wide range of accessories are also available to provide a custom-look and feel.

With ISOFrame Wave you can choose how much framework to take to a particular event and construct the exact display that you need. 

ISoframe Wave examples

This ISOFrame Wave example shows a display wall that incorporates tables of varying height and shelves that were used to display products.

By using an integrated screen mount, it is possible to combine an AV presentation with your printed display wall to add interest to your display. The table underneath the TV screen helps to provide greater stability of the wall.

The flexible nature of ISOFrame Wave allows for almost any shape wall to be created, from simple gradual curved walls like this to much more complex arrangements of panels.

ISOFrame Wave displays are free standing and can be constructed in open space or within exhibition shell schemes. The support feet on ISOFrame Wave panels allow the display to be pushed back closely to pre-existing walls and structures in order to maximise your available floor space.

As well as external shelves, it is possible to add internal apertures. These apertures can also be used to showcase products and can even be illuminated with recessed lighting as seen in this example.

Coats, bags, bottles of water, brochures etc can be hidden away neatly and out of site by incorporating a small storage room into the display. The ISOFrame Wave door module features a hinged door to provide a convenient storage space.

Free design and support

Printdesigns are a UK leading distributor of ISOFrame Wave displays. We provide obligation-free helpful advice so you can purchase a product that meets your needs. 

Whether it is help with planning the best layout of stands to fit your available space or working with you to create stunning artwork designs, our team can assist. Printdesigns offer free after sales support for the life of the product.

Replacement graphics for ISOFrame Wave Displays

If you have already purchased ISOFrame Wave and need to update or replace any graphics, please get in touch. Our replacement graphic prices are amongst the most competitive around.

Storage and build

Although ISOFrame Wave is a self build solution, our own team can offer storage, delivery and assembly of your display for those who need it. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.