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Key features/benefits of Pop Up Stands:

  • Easy to assemble - single person assembly with no tools required!
  • Portable - can be folded down into a carry bag that can fit into the boot of a car
  • Great ROI - our high-quality, scratch and crease-resistant graphics can be used time and time again
  • Up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty on all stands in our range
  • Customise your display - we supply lights, shelves, pop up counters and more to help you create a bespoke, eye-catching stand
  • Lowest price - we will always try to beat the lowest advertised price

Ideal for…

  • Exhibitions & trade shows
  • Reception areas
  • Shop displays & shopping centres
  • Showrooms
  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Conferences
  • Product launches & marketing events
  • & many more!

Pop Up Stand FAQs

What is a pop up stand?

A pop up stand is a type of display made up of a pop up frame with printed panels that attach magnetically in sections. The continuous mural-style display that this creates delivers a professional and eye-catching backdrop for any event, making them a popular choice for trade shows and exhibitions.

Are pop up stands reusable?

Yes. One of the main benefits of pop up displays is that you can reuse them many times meaning they offer a great return on investment (ROI). You can also use the frame with a completely different set of graphics making them a versatile marketing tool.

How to assemble a pop up stand

The process of assembling a pop up stand is very straightforward and no tools are needed - even when dealing with a larger display.

1 - Make sure you have enough space around you to expand the frame and manoeuvre the graphics and accessories around it.

2 - Expand the concertina frame with the coloured nodules at the top. The frame will lock into place with magnetic arms.

3 - Once the framework is fully expanded, attach the ‘channel bars’ - these simply click-into place magnetically.


4 - Unroll your printed graphics and attach them to the top of the frame, hooking them over the top bar and letting them roll to their full length. 

5 - Smooth the graphics to the frame, lining up the magneting strips running the verticle length of the graphics to one side of the frame, aligning the graphics to the channel bar. We recommend starting from the left D-end and working your way across.

6 - Repeat the process until all your panels are attached. Although there are joins between each panel, the overall effect is that of a continuous printed mural display wall.

How long does it take to assemble a pop up stand?

Assembly time will vary depending on the size and shape of your stand. As a gauge, a standard 3x2 L-shaped stand should take 1 person around 5-10 minutes to assemble.

How much do pop up stands cost?

The price of your stand will depend entirely on the complexity of display you require. For a quick and simple Fabric Pop Up Display Stand you can expect prices from around £265 (exc. VAT). Alternatively, for a more impressive display for a larger floorspace such as our Quad Island Pop Up Stand you could spend upwards of £2000. 

Another element to consider is accessories for your display.

What accessories are available?

One way to make your display stand out is through the use of accessories. Many of our stands include LED spotlights, and some have the option to add conversion kits featuring luxury cases with wrap-around graphics and folding table tops to create pop up counters.

You also have the option to add digital displays using floor stands, or freestanding literature racks to hold brochures and leaflets.

What kind of pop up display do I need?

The type of pop up stand you need will be dependent on numerous factors. You’ll need to consider the space you have available, the purpose of your display, and your budget - just to name a few.

How big are pop up stands?

Pop up display stands are sized according to the number of box sections (known as 'quads') that the frame is made from. Most pop up stands have an assembled height of around 225cm although it is possible to make stands shorter or taller by removing or adding on additional sections of frame.

The width of an individual pop up stand can range from around 1M to approximately 4.5M wide and stands are usually available in a choice of either a curved or straight shape.

Can you connect multiple pop up stands to create a bigger display?

Although most pop up stands are used as 'stand alone' displays, it is possible to create much larger display walls by linking multiple frames together.

To make the buying process as simple and convenient as possible, we have pre-designed various configurations to fill common floor areas. We can also come up with a custom arrangement of stands to fill almost any area on request if you need us to.

Are graphics replaceable?

Yes. As the graphics are separate from the frame, it is simple to get them reprinted or to use a completely different set of graphics for your pop up stand.

Do Printdesigns check artwork before printing?

Yes. A member of the Printdesigns team will check your artwork file and send a proof via email for you to approve before printing. If you need any assistance with supplying your artwork, checkout our Artwork Guidelines page.

Will you help with design?

Whether you need advice on the configuration of your stand, or help with graphic design, our years of experience mean we can offer you everything you need to create your ideal stand. Our graphic design service is priced at a competitive rate of £40 p/h (exc. VAT) and covers basic design/artwork re-setting to full concept design. 

Do you offer a warranty on pop up stands?

Our pop up display frameworks use premium components and are sourced from established UK distributors. All of the stands in our range are covered by extended manufacturer warranties of up to 10 years and come with a lifetime of product support should you need it.