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  1. TEXStyle Banner Stand Premium
    TEXStyle Banner Stand Premium
    Freestanding banner display with tensioned fabric graphics. Available in a choice of width
    £213.60 £178.00
  2. Double Sided L Banner Stand
    Double Sided L Banner Stand
    A very lightweight and compact double sided tensioned banner stand display
    £162.00 £135.00
  3. Budget Banner Stand
    Budget Banner Stand

    The best value banner stand in the UK. Buy 2 or more for an even lower price

    £47.40 £39.50 As low as £38.40
  4. Custom Printed Tablecloth and Roller Banner Stand Starter Kit
    Custom Printed Tablecloth and Roller Banner Stand Starter Kit
    Exhibition starter kit including budget roller banner stand and fully printed tablecloth, produced in house with quick delivery available
    £117.00 £97.50
  5. Branded tablecloth and roller banner exhibition bundle
    Branded Tablecloth and Roller Banner Exhibition Bundle

    Custom printed tablecloth and roller banner stand bundle deal, the ideal starter kit for any exhibition or event

    £153.60 £128.00
  6. Ambassador DuoRoller Banner Stand
    Ambassador Duo Banner Stand
    High quality double sided roller banner stand available in a range of widths
    £200.40 £167.00
  7. Vantage Banner Stands
    Vantage Roller Banner Stand
    Popular and durable mid range roller banner available in various width options
    As low as £108.00 £90.00
  8. Black Roller Banner Stand
    Black Roller Banner Stand
    Economical roller banner with black coloured base. Choice of widths available.
    £62.40 £52.00
  9. Quickroll Double Banner Stand
    Quickroll Double Banner Stand

    Double Sided Compact Roller Banner

    £144.00 £120.00 As low as £100.80
  10. bamboo x banner stand
    Bamboo X Banner Stand
    Incredibly lightweight and portable. Eco-friendly, natural bamboo frame
    As low as £72.00 £60.00 As low as £0.00
  11. Bamboo Roller Banner Stand
    Bamboo Roller Banner Stand
    Eco friendly banner stand with bamboo casing. Supplied with a choice of materials.
    As low as £150.00 £125.00
  12. Orient Banner Stand
    Orient Banner Stand
    Mid-range roller banner stand with deeper base so no support feet needed for stability
    As low as £108.00 £90.00 As low as £0.00

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Key features & benefits of roller banners:

✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Lightweight and portable
✓ Easy to store
✓ Option for changeable graphics
✓ A range of sizes, from desktop to giant
✓ Cost-effective
✓ Reusable



✓ Trade shows
✓ Exhibitions
✓ Retail spaces
✓ Window displays
✓ Restaurants
✓ Hotel lobbies
✓ Business reception areas

Banner stands FAQs

Printdesigns offer the perfect solution for those who require a simple and cost-effective free-standing display. Banner stands are lightweight and convenient for transport, and in most cases can be assembled by a single person in under a minute.

Printdesigns have been producing pull up banners for over 20 Years and we have one of the largest selections available in the UK. We supply most commonly available models from all major hardware manufacturers and we also have a range of unique systems that are exclusive to us.

What is a banner stand?

Roller banners are a type of portable display consisting of a printed banner which is usually pulled up from the base and attached in place, effectively creating a standing banner. This makes for a quick and effective display commonly used at trade shows, exhibitions, retail displays, business reception areas and more.

Other names for a roller banner stand include banner stand, pop up banner, pull up banner, standing banner, stand up banner, and vertical banner stand

What are the different types of banner stand?

A retractable banner stand (roller banner) has a printed banner rolled inside the base, which is attached with an interior spring mechanism. The banner is then pulled up from the base and attached to a vertical support pole positioned behind it to fix it into place.


Advantages: Quickest & easiest option to assemble, easy to transport, the printed graphic is protected from damage as it is encased within the base of the stand when it is packed away.

A tension (or tensioned) banner stand differs from its retractable counterpart in that the banner is not attached to the base when it is not in use. The printed banner is a separate component that is unrolled or unfolded (dependent on printed material type) and secured to the top and bottom of the banner stand. These simple frame systems rely on tension on the printed material to pull the printed banner material flat.

Advantages: Usually cheaper than a comparable retractable stand, graphics are easily replaceable, easy to transport
Disadvantages: Can take longer to assemble than retractable stands

We offer a range of cardboard displays which provide an eco-friendly alternative to stands made from metal and plastic components. Cardboard-based banner stands are ideal for temporary point-of-sale advertising, as well as conferences, events or exhibitions as directional signage or as a part of an overall exhibition set-up.

Advantages: Eco-friendly, recyclable, light-weight, single-sided, double-sided and triple-sided options available
Disadvantages: Not as durable, some models are only suitable for one-time assembly


What is the standard size for a banner stand?

Banner stands come in many different widths and heights ranging from our smallest A4 Desktop Roller Banner to larger models that are available in widths up to 2400mm. Wider stands can be used as a backdrop for photo opportunities, presentations or exhibition displays. We also offer the tallest banner stand on the market, the Giant Mosquito stand, which measures up to 3m in height! However, the most common size tends to be 800mm-850mm wide x around 2000mm tall.


How do I assemble a banner stand?

One of the many benefits of banner stands is their ease of assembly. Most retractable models can be assembled by a single person in around a minute.

Assembly instructions will be dependent on the type you have (tensioned, retractable, etc). You can find useful how-to videos on many of our products on our YouTube channel, including this one for our retractable budget banner stand.
You can assemble your retractable banner stand using the following step-by-step guide:
1 - Unpack the banner base and place on the floor (dependant on model, there may also be feet to twist out on some models that provide stability)
2 - Take out the bungee pole from the bag and assemble to it’s full length
3 - Insert the bungee pole into the hole in the top of the banner base
4 - Pull up the banner and hook the graphics over the top of the pole to secure it in place

As tension banner stands come in a variety of forms, it is best to refer to the individual product instructions or assembly video for the best advice. If you need any assistance, a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How much does a banner stand cost?

Here at Printdesigns, we offer a huge range of high-quality banner stands suited to any budget. One of our most popular stands is the Budget Banner Stand which is available for £47.40 (inc. tax). You can also benefit from multibuy discounts - ideal if you require displays for multiple locations.

Which banner stand do I need?

The type of stand you need depends completely on your application. If you’re exhibiting in an open space, it may be a good idea to purchase a double-sided banner stand. For a short-term promotional display, perhaps a cardboard monolith display would be more suited? Do you need a larger stand to create a bigger backdrop for photography? Take a look at our Barracuda banner stand.

Can you connect multiple stands to create a bigger display?

Although most banner stands are used as 'stand alone' displays, it is possible to connect two or more together to create a larger display.

Our Uno Linking Banner Stand can be joined using magnetic connectors to produce bigger display walls that fill larger spaces. You can purchase multiple stands to create the desired size and have the flexibility to use the banners individually for smaller events.

If you’re looking for a larger display, why not consider a pop up stand instead?

Are graphics replaceable?

It is possible to change the graphics on many of our banner stands, but not all. We recommend checking the product description or speaking to a member of our team to be certain.

Do Printdesigns check artwork before printing?

Yes. A member of the Printdesigns team will check your artwork file and send a proof via email for you to approve before printing. If you need any assistance with supplying your artwork, head over to our Artwork Guidelines page.

Can Printdesigns help design my banner?

Yes - our graphic design service is priced at a competitive rate of £40 p/h (exc. VAT) and covers basic design/artwork re-setting to full concept design.

Do you offer a warranty?

All of our stands come with a minimum of a 12 Month guarantee but many models feature extended guarantees of up to 10 Years that cover mechanical or component failure. Our printed graphics are produced using high-quality materials that are resistant to fading in exposed, sunny locations.

Choosing the right banner stand

There are many types of roller banner stand to choose from and our team is always available to give you obligation-free advice in order to help you find the best product for your requirements.

Most banner stands (known as roller banners) use a spring tensioned mechanism inside the base. This type of banner stand is very popular because it is extremely easy to set up and pack away.

Although roller banners are convenient for transport and assembly, we also have tensioned banner stands that use lightweight frames constructed from glass fibre rods and poles. Tensioned banner stands are the lightest type of banner stand and ideal if you are looking for the most portable solution to transport to and from events. Another benefit with a tensioned banner stand is that the print is not permanently attached to a roller mechanism so it can be replaced easily and cost effectively.

Eco friendly banner stands

Printdesigns are working hard to develop new products to offer more sustainable types of advertising banners to our clients. All of the banner stands we offer can be supplied with graphics that are printed onto recyclable materials rather than materials such as PVC.

Our range of bamboo banner stands use natural wood for the majority of the frame components rather than plastic and metal. The bamboo is farmed from sustainable sources and is a natural and environmentally friendly product that is easy to recycle.

For point of sale promotional campaigns we have also developed and introduced products made completely from cardboard materials that can be 100% recycled at end of life.

Our best price guarantee

The quality of our products backed with unbeatable customer service don't come at a high price. In fact, we believe that our banner stands are the most competitively priced in the UK.

Should you find a comparable product at a lower price from another UK based manufacturer, simply forward your quotation or a link to the advertised product and we will aim to beat that quote.