One of the most important parts of your event or exhibition is how well your stand is presented and advertised, this is what entices customers to visit your booth and provides an opportunity of selling your product. Picking the right display solution can be quite tricky as there are various options available that would work with most exhibitions and event spaces, with our 22 years of event and exhibition experience we will be able to make this process much simpler to understand and gage which solution is bested suited to your requirements. It is best to understand a few main points first to understand which solution is going to be best suited, factors that you may want to take into consideration are:

  • Budget - As with everything, the price can be a major factor when it comes to picking the right solution that suits you, we can offer a range of budget-priced solutions that are generally used for one-off events or modular display options which can be utilised for future events. If you have a large stand space but a small budget then don't worry we can still offer cheap solutions to suit your requirements!
  • Stand Space Utilisation - We offer portable display solutions that can be used within the stand space, these are great if you are planning on using the displays for potential future events but they do take up room within your stand. We also offer graphic solutions that attach to the shell scheme walls preventing any stand space from being taken up, you may be restricted on using them in the future if your stand space changes so it is something to think about before making that decision.
  • Portability - Based on how you are traveling to your event may depend on which system is best suited to you, certain displays pack down really well and can be carried over your shoulder, all types of solutions are available in carry or wheeled cases but some are heavier than others so is something to bear in mind when deciding which solution is best.
  • Reusability - Portable display solutions can be reused time and time again but this would depend on how your future events match your current show, if the stand space uses the same size and layout then portable displays like our exhibition stands may be a better solution when it comes to budget and practicality. Shell scheme graphics solutions can also benefit from this if you are using the same stand size and layout, the graphic panels can be reused time and time again as long as they are looked after in the correct manner.

Here we take a look at the different portable solutions that will help you in making that all-important decision of which display solution suits your business and available stand space.

Printed Shell Scheme Graphics

Printed Shell Scheme Panels

A great and simple solution that utilises the walls of your shell scheme would be our printed shell scheme graphics which are applied to the walls of your shell scheme using velcro. The panels sit in between the upright vertical posts filling each wall with relevant information to your show. The graphics are available using various materials which range from rollable economy PVC to rigid 5mm foamex board, we have provided an assembly video to show you how each material is applied to a traditional shell scheme. 

The printed graphics can be applied to any type of shell scheme display and can be reused for future events, this solution is great if the artwork is designed to have separate information from one board to another rather than continuous artwork running through each printed panel.



Shell Clad

One of our most popular solutions which can also utilise the walls of your shell scheme would be our shell clad display system, the system allows you to join each panel together using plastic adaptors that snap onto each upright vertical post of the shell scheme. The panels then attach to the plastic adaptors using velcro and button up next to each other creating a seamless effect throughout the shell scheme. There are various types of shell schemes that will determine the panel sizes, the exhibition organiser will be able to provide a data sheet for the dimensions which in turn will allow us to provide the correct artwork templates. Here is an assembly video to show how the system works on a traditional shell scheme.

The graphics can be printed on various types of materials which range from rigid board materials, rollable panel material to foldable fabrics all providing a stunning, colorful display to any event. The fabric prints have become a popular choice due to the print being produced as one continuous piece rather than individual panels, the prints can be folded to make it much easier for transport purposes.

If you have a particular stand space to fill or perhaps multiple stand spaces, please contact us with the details, and would be more than happy to work out the best configuration that would work for your events. 

Installation using this system is fairly straight forward but if you would like us to attend the event and install prior to the event starting then we can provide a quote to do so! We are based in the midlands so we are close to most venues, especially the NEC in Birmingham which is less than 40 miles away.



Showsuit Shell Scheme Graphics

If you need a solution that is lightweight yet still provides a completely seamless effect then the Showsuit fabric graphics are the most suitable option for you. The graphics are printed onto lightweight polyester fabric using a dye sublimation print process, rails are attached top and bottom at 1m intervals with a slight gap in between so you can fold the graphics when transporting them.

Tensioning clips are supplied which attach to the top and bottom rails and these allow you to hook the graphic over the sections of the shell scheme and create tension on the graphic. An assembly video is here to show you how the system works on a traditional shell scheme, the system is compatible with most traditional shell schemes so as long as the stand size remains the same you can use the graphics time and time again. 



Modular Display Stands

Exhibition Display Stands

One of the most traditionally used displays would be our Exhibition Display Stands which fits exactly to your stand space requirements. Here at Print Designs, we like to make it as simple as possible for our customers to choose the best solution possible, that is why we have already designed custom layouts that suit all types of stand spaces.

Ranging from 2m x 2m to 5m x 6m in all types of different configurations you will be sure to find an exhibition stand that suits your show. The system is very simple to use and consists of concertina frameworks that graphics panels attach to magnetically, each panel joins together to create a seamless effect that can run from one wall to another to create a complete all-around display for your booth.

This is a great solution for customers who are planning on reusing the stand for future events, the stands come supplied with wheeled storage cases which can also be converted into a counter which can be supplied with a case wrap-around graphic for additional branding. The stand assembly is really simple but if you would prefer to leave it to us then we can attend the venue prior to your show and set it up for you, we are based in the midlands so fairly close to most venues especially the NEC in Birmingham, once we know the set up required along with the destination we can provide a quote to do the installation for you!




Modulate Fabric Display Stands

Fabric printing has become very popular in the last several years and Print Designs was one of the first to produce fabric in-house using a dye sublimation print process. It has great benefits compared to traditional rollable material printing, one of which is transportation as the fabrics can be folded and stored along with the hardware. A popular choice for specific stand spaces is the Modulate Fabric Displays which uses a simple push-fit aluminum framework that attaches together using magnets that are embedded into the framework. The graphics, which are printed and sewn in-house, work in a similar way to a pillowcase and are inserted over the top of the framework.

The fabric used has elastic properties which stretch to create tension on the graphic once assembled. Each framework is supplied in a carry case which has a shoulder strap to conveniently carry the display to your booth, the graphics can be folded t fit inside the carry case along with the hardware. The great thing about using a dye sublimation print process is that the graphics can be machine washed if they become dirty without the risk of the ink fading or running! Here is an assembly video to show how simple it is to use the Modulate Fabric Display and the benefits it could bring to your events.



Embrace LED Illuminated displays

If you want to make a huge impact at your event then why not use a solution that has illuminated graphics using LED lighting? The embrace SEG lightbox is printed using backlit fabrics that are illuminated through the framework using hanging LED curtains. The graphics are attached to the perimeter of the framework using silicon-edged beading which simply slots in without the need for additional tools.

The whole system collapses down and is supplied in wheeled storage cases for ease of transport, even the LED lighting comes in a separate carry case to protect them from any potential damages. The system is really simple to use and frames can be connected side by side or at 90-degree angles to create a configured shape around each wall of your shell scheme without any gaps in between.

Frames are available in various different sizes to accommodate many shell scheme sizes, if you have a particular size that you are trying to fill then please contact us and we can work out the best configuration that would suit your requirements.

An assembly video is here to show you how the system works.





Isoframe Wave Display Stands

 This type of solution is one of the most versatile systems on the market, it is made up of vertical aluminum posts which join together using a linking chain that allows the display to be constructed in various shapes to suit the stand requirements. The Isoframe Wave has several features that would be beneficial to any type of event, these include:

  • External shelving components that can be integrated into the display.
  • Internal apertures that can be used to showcase your products.
  • Screen modules that allow you to provide an AV presentation along with your printed display wall.
  • Storage room modules are available so that you can store personal and promotional items away neatly.

The Isoframe Wave seems like an expensive choice but over time it works out to be a great small investment due to the versatility of the product, you can add to the system if your stand becomes bigger over time or you can take modules away to use at smaller venues making it a great choice if you prefer a custom look or feel to your display. All features that would typically be seen at an event can be built using this system keeping everything uniform through your booth. Here is how the system works and as you can see, one person would be able to construct the system without the need for any additional tools.



Exhibition Flooring Solutions


Custom printed flooring is a feature that can be overlooked by exhibitors because they feel it may be too much hassle to install or expensive to buy but compared to the generic carpet that is supplied at events custom printed flooring can be a great way to stand out at your event and can also work out cheaper than the boring throw-away carpet supplied! Custom printed flooring can be contour cut to shape and as you only pay based on a total material required should work out cheaper than what is normally supplied by the exhibition organisers, it can also be reused for future events saving you money long term. Here at Print Designs we have tried and tested various materials and have found the perfect flooring solutions that are in accordance with UK nonslip regulation groups to ensure we provide a safe and stable solution for any type of event or exhibition.


Printed Vinyl Flooring

The 25mm thick cushioned Vinyl Flooring which is known as Fotoboden is the perfect solution for short-term events, exhibitions, and retail events. The material features a nonslip textured finish which is in line with UK nonslip regulation groups, it features a scratch-resistant surface that prevents the ink from peeling off in use. We can contour cut the material using a digital cutter to create interesting shapes to suit your event requirements, the material is available 3.2m wide but can be provided in sections for ease of transport and storage.

The custom printed vinyl can be bought directly through our website using our custom size calculator, simply enter the size required and the price will be provided accordingly. Discounts will be offered through the calculator based on the total square meter rate of material ordered, we can cut down into sections rather than one piece to make it easier to install, once the vinyl is laid next to each other you can add tape to each section to prevent the vinyl from moving when in use.


Bild Printable Vinyl Floor Covering (G Floor)

Bild printable flooring is a heavy-duty floor vinyl that is suitable for use in high pedestrian areas can be used in the most challenging environments, the 1.9mm thick material is made from 100% polyprop and is so hard-wearing that you can physically drive a car onto it without the material giving way. It is mainly used in car garages or for a permanent flooring solution but it is also great for short-term events or exhibitions that are predicted to have a high attendance rate. 

Bild printable flooring, also originally known as G floor is printed to the underside of the material to prevent the ink from scratching off or becoming damaged making it ideal for use in high traffic areas or long-term installations. The material can be contour cut to any shape that suits and offer 5 different types of textured finishes.

The choice of embossed finishes provides a high level of slip resistance and sits extremely flat preventing the flooring from lifting and becoming a trip hazard. You can order the material based on what you need and our price calculator will work out the cost based on a square meter rate so there is no need to buy more than required making it a cost-effective solution. 

Digital Advertising Display Stands

Android Freestanding Digital Poster

If you have various product lines that you want to advertise simultaneously at the same show then why not try our very own freestanding digital display that we have available for hire!

The digital advertising poster boasts an impressive 55-inch portrait screen that outputs at 1080p full HD with an ultra-wide viewing angle. The brightness of the display is 450cd/m² which is perfectly visible when used in bright indoor environments, the screen uses tempered glass and the casing of the unit has a steel surround with an ultra-slim profile. 

Content can be uploaded using a USB drive which plugs into the back of the screen, the digital poster has a built-in media player so once the USB has been plugged in the files will automatically copy over to the screen and will be ready to go. If you would prefer us to do it for then no problem, send over the files via email and we will upload the images so it is ready to go from the start.

You can also connect a PC or media player to the screen if you are providing a presentation or demo at the same time, there are HDMI, VGA, and 3.5mm audio ports to the rear of the screen that can be used for this method. 

Need us to bring it down to your event? No problem, we can bring it down and assemble the screen for you to make your event less stressful. Once the event is finished we can come back down to collect the screen from you. Once details of the event are finalised just contact us and we can work out a quote based on the location.

We also sell digital display signage that you can buy if you would prefer to use one more frequently at your offices or reception area! We have a huge variety of different screens on offer which vary in size and the way you will be using them. We have indoor or outdoor freestanding digital displays, wall-mounted monitor displays which offer ultra-high brightness that can be positioned in direct sunlight and remain clearly visible.