Air Mesh Fabric Printing

Perforated lightweight polyester fabric allows for air diffusion
  • Perforated polyester fabric
  • 115gsm material weight
  • Dye sublimation digitally custom printed
  • Printed from rolls at up to 3.2M wide x any length
  • DIN4102-1 / BS5867 Fire rating
  • Can be cut to size or supplied on the roll
  • Sewing and finishing available on request
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Air mesh fabric is a lightweight polyester with vent holes that is ideally suited for the production of large banners, flags and other graphics that require wind permeability. Air mesh printed fabric is printed onto one side and the image will show through to the reverse side with around 90% opacity. Air mesh fabric is printed from rolls up to 3.1M wide and can be printed at almost any length.


Air Mesh Fabric is perfect for the production of large exterior banners that need to be resistant to strong winds such as the Heras Fence Banners shown below.  
Air Mesh Fabric Printing Banners

Air Mesh Fabric Properties

Air mesh fabric has many advantages when compared to traditional plasticised mesh banner materials.

  • It can be folded and as such does not require transport in a large tube.
  • It is around half the weight of an equivalent plastic mesh PVC banner.
  • It is made from 100% polyester so is widely recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • It is strong and durable for outdoor use and can withstand relatively higher wind speeds than non-perforated materials without tearing.
  • Air mesh banners can be sewn and finished in various ways to suit the customer's requirements. For example, eyelets for hanging, pockets for rods, velcro etc.
Air Mesh Fabric Printing Properties
Air Mesh Printing Weave Pattern

High-Quality Warp Knitted Fabric

We use a high-quality air mesh fabric made from 100% polyester that is widely recyclable.

Air mesh fabric can either be weft or warp knitted.  These two different knitting techniques both result in the finished air mesh fabric

Warp-knitted materials are regarded as superior-quality fabrics and this is the variety of materials we use for our air mesh fabric printing.

The main way to distinguish the two types is that weft knitting has the yarn run back and forth while warp runs the yarn up. and down.

The advantages of warp-knitted air mesh fabric, when compared to similar weft-knitted materials, are as follows:

  • More dimensionally stable with greater resistance to stretching
  • Warp knitted air mesh fabric sits flatter 
  • Greater resistance to 'laddering' or 'runs' 

Dye Sublimation Printing for Air Mesh Fabric

We print using a digital dye sublimation process that allows us to output any full-colour artwork design onto air mesh fabric.

The water-based ink is printed directly to the fabric before it is heat-fixated. This process turns the dried ink into a gas that dyes the polyester fibres of the air mesh fabric.

Our printed air mesh fabric is waterproof and suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It can even be machine washed at around 30 degrees and air dried afterwards.

Air mesh fabric can be printed to one side only and the printed artwork will show through to the reverse of the fabric with around 90% opacity.

Dye sublimation AIr Mesh Fabric Printing
Sewing & Finishing Of Stretch Fabric

Sewing And Print Finishing For Air Mesh

Printed air mesh can be supplied cut to size or we can leave prints 'on the roll' on request.

Typically most air mesh printed graphics are finished in some way and we operate our own in-house sewing department, offering the many options for the finishing of your printed air mesh fabric.

To prevent edge fraying, we can hem edges, and overlock edges or can also finish prints with reinforced banding on the edges for eyelets, pole pockets and so forth.

Our experienced team are happy to take into account your requirements and finish/sew printed to your specifications.

Should you wish to take care of your own stitching and sewing but require your prints cut to a specific pattern, we also offer computer-controlled digital cutting.

Please reach out for a quotation or to discuss your needs in more detail.

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