PVC Mesh Banner Printing

Perforated Mesh PVC banner material for use in outdoor windy conditions
  • Digital UV printing process with 1080dpi resolution
  • UV stable and waterproof ink
  • Choose from standard or custom sizes
  • Single sided printing
  • 355gsm material weight
  • Edges can be welded and finished with eyelets
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Mesh pvc banners feature small perforations that allow air to pass through the material rather than trapping it. PVC Mesh banners are ideally suited for use in exposed outdoor spaces where there is a higher risk from wind damage. In particular, mesh banners are popular for use on fences, railings or buildings and can be produced at almost any size.

Mesh Banner Printing

ECO Friendly Mesh Banner Printing   Ultra High Quality Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are printed using our industrial EFI UV printer that enables stunning colour output at 1080dpi resolution. The UV printing process works by printing liquid ink to the mesh banner material that is almost instantly cured with UV light.

UV printing mesh banners provides a very durable finish that is hard wearing for extended outdoor use. Our mesh banners can last years without noticeably fading and of course they are waterproof too.

From an environmental perspective, UV printing does not utilise damaging VOC's making it more environmentally-friendly production process when compared to some other methods of printing.


Mesh Banner Material   Mesh Banner Material

Mesh banners material is made by coating a polyester yarn with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The finished mesh banner material is very strong, resistant to tearing and ideally suited for outdoor use.

Mesh banner material varies in quality depending on the density of the perforation and overall weight. Low quality mesh banner tends to feature a very open weave in order to reduce the amount of material in the product and to cut-cost. The downside of such cheap mesh banners is that the large amount of relative perforation lowers the opacity of the design that is printed onto it (because the banner becomes more see through).

We use a 335gsm mesh banner with a close weave. We find that this weight of product offers the best compromise, allowing air to diffuse through the material whilst providing good opacity so printed banners are as vibrant and easy to view as possible.

Our mesh banner has a class B1 fire rating making it suitable for use in all public spaces.



Mesh Banners Material

Mesh Banners Welding

Mesh Banner Welding  Mesh Banner Welding

Mesh banners are most commonly finished with a seam around the edge in order to add strength.

We use a heat welding process that involves heating the material and running it between pressurised rollers to 'fuse' the two layers together. This is by far the strongest method of finishing the edge of a mesh banner and it is something we offer at no additional cost. Of couse, if you would prefer your banner to be finished withough a seam then that is no problem at all. 

We can also finish the mesh banner with pockets at the top and bottom should you wish to insert rods to hang it. Just let us know how large you would like the pockets to be after ordering and we will take care of the rest.




PVC Banner Eyelets   Mesh Banner Eyelets

If you have your mesh banner finished with a welded edge seam then we will insert eyelets as standard around the perimeter so you can hang it.

Eyelets are normally positioned at intervals of approximately 50cm around the edge of the banner but we can place them at different positions should you wish.

We use heavy duty silver nickel eyelets as standard and they are applied with a hydraulic press to ensure they are as strong and secure as possible.

Banners that are supplied with pockets for hanging do not come with eyelets but if you have a specific finishing request, do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Mesh Banner Eyelets


Mesh Banners Printing Cheap


Mesh Banners Printing Cheap   Sizes up to 3.1M wide x Any Length

Buying mesh banners from Printdesigns is simple and easy and there are no minimum order quantities or set up costs. Simply enter the size of the mesh banner you need in mm, confirm the quantity and get an instant price.

We offer cheaper pricing when compared to many 'online' printers but with personal, efficient and friendly service that you can expect from a family owned company.

Our team are always happy to offer help and we offer support by phone, email or online chat if you need it.

We can also provide a full graphic design service so if you need help creating the content for your mesh banner, just get in touch.


Mesh Banner Material Alternatives   Mesh Banner Alternatives

Mesh banners are an extremely popular material for the production of banners to be used in exposed conditions but we have other alternative products that you could consider too.

These include:

PVC-Free Mesh Banners - this is a completely recycleable, eco friendly banner material with similar properties to conventional PVC. Made from polyacrylic and finished with a coating of polyethylene, PVC mesh banners can be widely recycled.

Aero Mesh Fabric Banners - Aero mesh banners are printed onto a polyester fabric material rather than being a plasticised product. They are very light and can also be folded up for convenient storage when compared to a traditional mesh banner that would need to be rolled. heck our our fabric aero mesh banner material under the fabric materials

Conventional PVC Banners - mesh is a great product for use in exposed and windy conditions but for many situations a mesh banner might not be necessary and a regular solid PVC banner could be suitable. We have two grades of conventional PVC banner and also PVC free banner material too.


Remember, our team are always happy to offer advice so feel free to get in touch if you need help choosing the best material for your banner.


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Any questions? Please just contact a member of our friendly team who will be happy to provide obligation-free advice and support

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