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Update and control your digital signage using our online CMS system
  • Update your digital signage from any location at any time
  • Add RSS feeds to your content with no fuss
  • Easy to create content without any design software
  • Control multiple digital displays at the same time
  • Intuitive, online interface. Works with PC or Mac
  • 1 Year, 3 Year or Lifetime subsciption packages
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My Signage Portal is a content management solution specifically designed for our own range of digital signage displays. Using the web-based website you can create engaging content quickly and easily and deploy it to your screen in seconds without the need for manually accessing the device.

The mysignageportal system is subscription based and we offer 1 Year, 3 Year or Lifetime options with an initial one off network activation fee.

Once you have subscribed to the My Signage Portal you can begin to upload, schedule and deploy your content from the confort of our web browser. For those customers with multiple devices you can also monitor and log reports on your digital signage network with no additional software required.


Rapid Publishing

Easily Update Your Screens in Seconds.

We have developed the special "Rapid Publishing" tool to help with streamlining the updating process. Now anyone can send content from their PC or laptop to their screens in a matter of seconds in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose the orientation of your screen
2. Drag and drop your media files
3. Choose the screens you want to update and click "Publish"

It really is that easy!


Multi Zone Layouts

Use Your Media to Create Screen Layouts

Design your own unique layouts, in either landscape or portrait orientation, with different zones for your images, videos, text and live webpages. You can upload your own background image or add in special zones that display the time, date, local weather forecast or even live television.

Supported Media Files
Images - JPG, GIF, PNG
Video - AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV
Audio - MP3
Additional - PDF, Word Documents (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint Presentations (PPT, PPTX), Excel Speadsheets (XLS, XLSX), HTML5


Custom Background/Fonts

Customise Everything with Ease

For ultimate brand consistency you can select exact colours from the palette or HEX code to modify the background, scrolling text, static text, time and date. You can also use supported custom fonts too for your static text zones.


Schedule Playlists

Display What You Want, When You Want

Once you have created your Playlist and selected the screens or players you want to update you can either publish immediately or choose your own times and dates in the future for your content to display. So for example during morning hours you can set a breakfast menu to display and after midday a general menu plays. You can schedule content as far into the future as you like.


Multi Screen Synchronisation

Add Slick Synchronisation for 'Wow' Moments

Synchronise your content across multiple screens or players that are connected to the same network. There are two distinct styles of synchronising; you can achieve the effect of one large image or video across multiple screens/players at one time or have the same content playing and transitioning in perfect unison.


Scrolling Text Zones/RSS

Display a Scrolling Ticker to Deliver Your Messages

Add a fully customisable scrolling ticker message to deliver your own messages. You can change the direction, speed, size and colour of your text and the colour and transparency of the background. If you want to deliver more 'live' updates on your screen you can use an RSS feed for the latest news around.


Remote Commands

Control from Anywhere in the World

As well as being able to update your screens content remotely from anywhere in the world My Signage Portal also gives you a lot more control over the screen. Send commands to reboot your screens, format the internal memory, stop and start content playback, adjust the volume of the screen; almost anything you can do with the remote control. No matter where in the world you can retain full control of your screen.


User Management

Manage Privileges of Your Users

Create and manage as many user accounts as you like. You can set how much access your users have to some functions and limit them in other areas. For example you can allow a receptionist to change the welcome message of a screen in the reception area but block them from uploading content or changing anything on other screens in the building.



Receive up to Date Reports on Your Users, Screens or Players

My Signage Portal keeps a record of every action performed on the CMS ‐ from both users and screens/players. From seeing the current status of a screen to checking who last updated a player. Reports are kept of users and screens/players actions, for your peace of mind, which can be exported as Excel spread sheets.


Display Live Webpages

Add your websites to layouts

Adding webpages to your layouts opens up a world of new possibilities. Display social media feeds, your company website or even a live web feed from 3rd party software. You can set refresh times on your webpages so they always stay current or even display multiple webpages within the same zone.


Display Live Input

Add a Live HDMI or VGA Feed to Your Layout

If you have a compatible media player you can display a live feed from an external source. So if you wanted to display Live TV in your layout, you can simply connect a set-top box to your player via HDMI which is then connected to the screen. It doesn't have to just be Live TV though; it can be a feed from any source via HDMI or VGA, such as a PC or security camera.



Create Your Own Touch Screen Content

Design, deploy and interact with your very own content for Touch Screens! Use buttons to weave your pages together as you fill pages with your images, videos, galleries and interactive webpages. You can even launch Android apps at the touch of a button from within your playlist. Deploy your Touch Content to anywhere in the world and experience interaction on a whole new level.


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