PVC Banner Printing

Strong and durable PVC banner material for indoor or outdoor use
  • Digital UV high-resolution printing process
  • UV-stable and waterproof ink
  • Up to 3.1M wide x any length
  • A choice of economy or premium block-out banner material
  • Banners can be finished with eyelets or pole pockets
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PVC banners are made from a strong and durable material that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use all year round. We offer PVC Banner Printing at almost any custom size, allowing you to order made-to-measure banners that are tailored to your exact requirements. PVC Banners are normally finished with a strong welded seam and eyelets around the edge so you can hang them in various locations for effective advertising.

PVC Banner Printing

ECO Friendly PVC Banner Printing   Fast Eco-Friendly PVC Banner Printing

Our investment in state-of-the-art wide format digital printing equipment allows us to print PVC banner material at widths of up to 3.2 Metres and with almost any continuous length.

Our printing process involves applying liquid ink onto the PVC banner material which is cured with UV light to create a finished print that is extremely durable. Our PVC banners are waterproof and highly resistant to fading and scratching.

As we do not use any solvents in our printing process, we do not generate environmentally harmful VOCs during production. This also means that our printed banners do not have a strong solvent odour after printing.

We can produce over 300 square Metres of PVC banners per hour and with a print resolution of up to 1000dpi which provides photo-realistic results.

We also now offer PVC-Free Banners that are made from polyester and are commonly recyclable.



About PVC Banners   About Our PVC Banners

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride which is sometimes just referred to as vinyl. As a material for the production of flexible graphics, it is extremely durable, hard-wearing, waterproof and tear resistant.

We have two grades of vinyl banner material providing an economy and a premium option.

Economy banners are printed onto 440gsm front-lit PVC and are ideal for shorter-term promotions. The surface of the banner has a slight texture.

Our premium banner at 600gsm is heavyweight with a smoother texture to the printed surface. The premium banner is made from two layers of PVC with a grey block-out liner in the centre for greater opacity. This prevents any show-through or shadowing when hanging the banner in front of railings etc.

Economy banners are recommended for shorter-term use whereas premium PVC banners are stronger and will withstand harsher weather conditions and therefore last longer outdoors.

What Is PVC Banner Printing
PVC Banners Finishing

PVC Banner Eyelets   Printed PVC Banner Finishing

PVC banners and posters can be cut to size and left unfinished or more commonly they tend to be finished in such a way so that they can be hung.

The most common way to finish a PVC banner is to create a seam around the edge. This is done by folding the material over and welding it together to create a strong edge that is made from two layers of material. Eyelets are then placed through the seam so the PVC banner can be hung using zip ties, rope or elasticated cord.

Eyelets are positioned around the edges with the distance between eyelets at around 500mm. The eyelets are spaced equally according to the overall length of each edge of the banner. If you have a preference for eyelet positioning, please inform us at the time of order and we can work to these specifications.

Another common way of finishing PVC banners is to create a pocket on one or more sides. A suitable pole or rod can then be slid through the pocket to hang the banner. If you require pole pockets, please contact us after ordering to confirm the edge of the banner that the pockets are to be placed on and the size of the pockets that are required.

These are just two of the finishing options we offer for PVC banners at no additional cost. We can also finish pvc banners in almost any other way on request. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements before ordering.



PVC Banner Printing Quality   High-Quality PVC Banner Printing

The PVC Banners that we produce are manufactured with an emphasis on quality. We tend to run our printing machines at slower speeds than many suppliers to maximise the quality.

The quality of the print is near photographic and even small details can be scrutinised closely without displaying signs of banding or other associated defects. You can expect a perfectly sharp detailed print and rich, vibrant colour.

Our team are happy to offer helpful advice regarding the best material for your application and we are also happy to preflight and check your artwork files should you need us to before you place an order with us.

Please just get in touch should you have any questions and we'll be happy to assist.



PVC Banner Printing
Mesh PVC Banner

PVC Banner Material Alternatives   PVC Banner Alternatives

As well as offering regular PVC banners in two grades, we offer a variety of other materials that are suitable for outdoor use.

These include:

PVC-Free Banners - this is a completely recyclable, eco-friendly banner material with similar properties to conventional PVC.

Mesh PVC Banners - this type of banner (shown) is perforated which allows air to pass through the material and provides better durability for larger banners in exposed, windy conditions.

Fabric Air Mesh Fabric - similar to PVC mesh but made from lightweight polyester fabric with a woven perforation, these banners are fully recyclable and can be folded for transport.


We also have many other specialist materials for indoor and outdoor use. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and a member of our team can help.


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