Magnetic Pop Up Display Stand

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Available in curved or straight shape and choice of width

  • High-quality collapsible pop-up frame with square profile tubing
  • Durable, laminated, scratch-resistant graphics
  • Fully magnetic graphic attachment - no clips to lose or break
  • Sets up in minutes with no tools required
  • Assembled frame height of 2280mm
  • Available in straight or curved frame shape
  • Choice of frame widths available
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The Magnetic Pop-Up Display Stand is one of our best-selling pop-up display stands.  It features a high-quality, durable framework and a fully magnetic graphic attachment system making assembly of the stand simple and trouble-free. They are available in a choice of two shapes and five frame sizes.


Straight Or Curved Shape Pop Up Stands Available

The graphic panels on a curved pop-stand have a smooth, concave appearance. The curved shape makes the display very stable as the footprint is greater when compared to an equivalent straight-shaped system. Curved pop-up stands tend to be the most popular model that we sell for use as stand-alone displays that are going to be used in open spaces such as shopping centres or retail outlets.

Straight-shaped pop-up stands have a more conventional appearance with the front-facing panels being flat. The reduced depth of the assembled frame is beneficial if the frame is to be used within a small space such as an exhibition booth because the frame can be pushed back against the pre-existing wall of the exhibition stand thus maximising the available floor space.

Both curved and straight-shaped pop-up stands have round-shaped end panels that close off the sides of the display and conceal the framework within.

Curved Shape 3x3 Pop-Up Stand

Straight Shape 3x3 Pop-Up Stand

Curved Shaped Pop Up Stand

Straight Shaped Pop Up Stand

Pop Up Display Stand Sizes

Pop Up Display Stand Sizes

The size of a pop-up display stand is described according to the number of box sections the frame is made from. These box sections are commonly referred to as 'quads'.

Our pop-up frames are always made from 3 x vertical box sections but the width of the frame can be anywhere from 1 box section wide to 5 box sections wide.

The available frame sizes for pop-up stands are 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4 and 3x5 (the first digit represents the number of vertical box sections and the second digit represents the number of horizontal box sections).

In this example, we see a 3x3 pop up stand which is by far, the most popular size we sell.


What Are The Assembled Sizes Of Pop Up Stands

Logic would suggest that a 3x1 pop-up stand measures 3M high a 1M wide or a 3x3 pop-up stand measures 3M high and 3M wide but this is not the case and understandably this can cause a great deal of confusion if you are looking for a pop up stand to fit inside a particular space such as an exhibition booth.

Furthermore, the assembled sizes of straight and curved-shaped pop-up stands are different for the same frame size.


Curved Pop-Up Stand Assembled Sizes

3x1: 1240mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 300mm deep

3x2: 1930mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 485mm deep

3x3: 2540mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 685mm deep

3x4: 3070mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 960mm deep

3x5: 3430mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 1225mm deep

Straight Pop-Up Stand Assembled Sizes

3x1: 1240mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 325mm deep

3x2: 1970mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 325mm deep

3x3: 2700mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 325mm deep

3x4: 3435mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 325mm deep

3x5: 4160mm (wide) x 2230mm (high) x 325mm deep


How To Assemble A Magnetic Pop-Up Stand

Our pop-up stands are designed to be as simple to assemble as possible. The process usually takes around 5 minutes but can take less time if you are proficient. To construct the stand, open up the frame and attach the magnetic bars. The graphic panels that are printed in vertical sections can now be hung onto the frame one by one to create a continuous mural-style graphic. Watch our pop-up stand assembly video.

Pop Up Display Stand Assembly


Choose From Two Kit Types

We offer our magnetic pop-up stands in a choice of either a standard kit or a deluxe kit. Both kits include the same high-quality framework, laminated, scratch-resistant printed graphic panels and a tough,  wheeled case for storing and transporting your display. However, the deluxe kit also includes LED floodlights and printed graphic wrap-around panel and a folding table top for the transportation case so you can unpack your display and utilise the case as a table/counter.

The Standard Kit Includes

  • Fully magnetic pop-up frame
  • Channel bars
  • Soft padded bag for the frame and channel bars
  • Premium scratch-resistant laminated graphics for the front and sides 
  • Wheeled transport case


Also Included With The Deluxe Kit

  • A printed graphic panel that wraps around the wheeled transport case
  • A Folding table top that sits on top of the wheeled transport case in a choice of colour
  • LED Floodlights for adding impact to your pop-up stand

Magnetic Pop Up Stand Transport Case With Wrap and Table Top



Fully Magnetic Graphic Attachment For Reliable & Professional Results

Our fully magnetic pop-up stand utilises floating magnets within the hanger on the rear of the graphic panels. The small, powerful magnets are designed to grip securely to the top of the frame whilst allowing a degree of movement so you can adjust your printed panels for the best fit. This small but important design feature ensures a neat fitment of the graphics panels because they are pulled firmly toward the frame. Another benefit of the magnetic design is that there are no small plastic pips or hooks that can become broken or lost.

Pop Up Stand Magnetic Graphic Fitment




Pop Up Stand Magnetic Graphic Fitment



How To Supply Your Artwork

You can find artwork set-up templates for all shapes and sizes of magnetic pop-up stands under the downloads tab. Should you have any questions or require advice, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team who will be happy to help.


More Information
PrintingNo Solvents (VOC's) used in printing process
Print methodAqueous inkjet
Scratch-resistanceHigh scratch resistance
WaterproofNot recommended for outdoor use
Dimensions (HxWxD)Dependent on width option - see product information under download section
Weight (Approx)3x1 - 27Kg
3x2 - 29Kg
3x3 - 31Kg
3x4 - 33Kg
3x5 - 35Kg
Fire-resistanceDIN 4102 Class B1
RecyclableAluminium frame can be recycled
MaterialPolyester stoplight film 300 (micron) with crystal laminate 125 (micron)
ColourBlack powder coated aluminium frame
Easy-change graphicYes
Single Sided or Double SidedAvailable single or double sided

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